Participants must be able to provide a valid USGA Handicap Index (revised within 30 days of the event) in order to have a handicap attributed to their Net Division score. If a participant does not carry a USGA Handicap, that participant (and their team) will still be able to participate in the Net Division, but will automatically be issued a 0 handicap for the Net Division scoring.



World-Golf-Skills-Handicap 2

World Golf Skills Handicap allows users to establish a Golf Handicap Index with golf clubs licensed by the USGA Handicap System.


USGA Licensed Handicap

Online Golf Handicap Index

Professional Golf Statistics

Syncs w/ World Golf Skills App

Get your USGA Licensed Handicap today for only $29.95.

Acceptable Handicaps
World Golf Skills Handicap
USGA GHIN Handicap
GolfNet Handicap

Other mobile apps or handicaps will not be accepted.



The World Golf Scramble follows the handicap allowance system recommended by the USGA.

World Golf Skills will intake handicaps utilizing the Lowest 12 Month Handicap Index at the time of processing and utilize the following calculators for each division.

World Golf Scramble (2 Person)
World Golf Scramble (4 Person)